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Winter Safety

Posted by lhvs on February 17, 2014

Winter Safety for Your Pets

   There is a common misbelief that because pets have fur all over their body they can handle cold weather better than people. This is completely FALSE!!!! If you are cold then your pets are cold! There are many ways to keep your pets safe during the long winter months.

   Firstly there is general winter protection. Each pet has different cold tolerances. Knowing your pet's tolerance to cold winter conditions will prevent your pet from getting hypothermia and/or frost bite. Signs to watch for when your pet has been outside too long in the cold may include shivering, whinning, trying to burrow to get into a warmer place, lack of movement, or weakness. If you pet is showing any of these signs you should bring them inside near a heat source a.s.a.p.!

   Second is providing proper shelter. The best and safest place for your pet to be is inside with you. Now, we do understand that it is not always an option for everyone to keep your pets inside. If your pets is outside, make sure they a good solid shelter out of the wind and weather. Keep the shelter up off the ground and add hay or straw to keep the warmth inside the shelter. However, it can not be said enough that the best place for your pet is inside during extreme conditions.


   Third is protection for their feet. When your pet is outside the first thing that hits the ground is their paws. Having over exposure to ice and little traction can cause your pet to cut their pads on their feet, making it very painful for them to walk.  Also, cleaning any deicing salt off their feet, legs, and belly is a good way to prevent your pet from accidently ingesting harmful chemicals.

   And lastly, keep good maintenance on your vehicles and watch for any leaking fluids that your pet may lick. Pets also like use warm car engines as a hiding place in the winter months. Bang on the hood of your car to scare any pets out before starting your vehicle. And as always when you prepare for winter storms make sure you always keep enough food, water, and any prescription medications on hand for your pets and yourself.   STAY WARM!!!