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Mom, I don't feel good!!

Posted by lhvs on September 26, 2013

Recently an 8 yr old intact (not spayed) weimaraner named Tori came to our clinic because she was not feeling good. Tori's mom noticed a green/yellow pus discharge coming from her vulva and she was also very sleepy, and not wanting to eat or drink much. Tori's white blood cell count was very high, meaning she had a bad infection. Since we already knew there was pus coming from the vulva it was easy to locate the source of  the infection, the uterus. Tori had a pyometra. Pyometra means pus in the uterus. Tori was a very sick girl! A pyometra is a severe bacterial infection in the uterus of middle to old aged unspayed dogs and cats (although it can occur in younger animals occasionally). Tori was started on IV fluid therapy and antibiotics right away to help stabilize her for emergency surgery. Tori's mom was very scared. The only cure for pyometra is removal of the uterus, in other words spaying the pet. This surgery is considered "high risk" because the pet is very sick and the uterus and surrounding blood vessels are much larger than normal and lets not forget all the pus in the uterus. Pyometra is easily avoided by spaying your pets at 6 months of age.

Tori went through surgery and recovered very well. She visited us today to have her sutures removed from her surgery and her mom said she is doing great now and almost back to normal!


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