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Merry Christmas!

Posted by lhvs on December 17, 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

   Just like every other person that has beloved pets, I want mine to feel like they are the best most loved pets around. I want to dress them up and take pictures and feed them yummy treats and play in the snow with them! There's nothing wrong with getting your pets a "present" or including them in a family photo session. However it is important to remember that they are pets and not people, even though they are family members. Many human things can be deadly to our pets. Human foods like fatty skin and grease can cause severe stomach upset and pancreatitis. Decorations like tinsel, ornaments, and lights can cause intestinal blockage, lacerations, electrical burns, etc. Don't indulge your furry friends just to end up spending your holiday at an emergency visit with your veterinarian. 

  • Give your pets things that are meant for them like wetting their normal food to a mush and shape it into anything you want and bake it until it hardens for "different treats" 
  • Hang ornaments, lights and tinsel out of reach so pets are not tempted to taste them.
  • Cover christmas tree water so they can't drink it. Many of these contain fertilizers and other chemicals that may be harmful to your pets
  • Don't feed leftovers - pets are not garbage disposals! Even when they give you that pathetic look.... don't give in!
  • Never leave your christmas lights on when you are not home and keep cords out of reach to prevent pets from chewing them.
  • Keep wrapping paper, ribbon, tape and scissors picked up. When ingested many of these items can become lodged in the intestine and require surgical removal.
  • Anchor trees securely so pets, especially cats, dont knock them over
  • Clean up pine needles regularly, when ingested they may puncture the lining of the intestine

Oh and now is a good time to check the batteries in your smoke detectors!

Everyone at Laurel Hill Veterinary Service, Inc. wishes you and your furry family a safe and happy holiday season!!



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